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Activated carbon filter EXTRA SLIM size (pack of 50)

Activated carbon filter EXTRA SLIM size (pack of 50)

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  • resealable and practical storage pack of 50
  • Also ideal for on the go, as the filters can be stored in an airtight and watertight manner
  • Significantly reduces the absorption of harmful substances and provides a cool, dry and aromatic smoking experience. Suitable for ALL types of self-rolling. Since both end caps are made of ceramic, there is no insertion or screwing direction to consider
  • Filters are made from environmentally conscious raw materials and in the usual KONUSMEISTER QUALITY
  • Dimensions approx: ø 5.9 mm x 26.9 mm
  • Quantity: 50 filters per pack

We don't think that a brand logo belongs on a filter and that's why we deliver ours completely unprinted in white. It also looks nicer on the product.

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