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CBD Trim 30g pack - the healthy tobacco substitute

CBD Trim 30g pack - the healthy tobacco substitute

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Don't feel like tobacco?

Do you want the pure taste of cannabis?

Then try the Cannactiva CBD Trim.

It contains the leaves closest to the hemp flower, full of resin rich in CBD.

Contains parts of broken buds.

High content in CBD.

100% legal in Europe, EU certified CBD hemp varieties (industrial hemp)

Whole crushed CBD cannabis buds

Less than 0.19% THC

Cannactiva's chopped or crushed hemp, known as CBD Trim Mix, is a blend of the trimmings of all of Cannactiva's premium CBD flower varieties.

Trim means “to trim” or “prune” in English. It is used to refer to all the material that falls from the hemp flower during CBD bud trimming or processing, which involves separating small pieces of buds and manually cutting the resinous leaves with scissors.

Cannactiva Trim is of exceptional quality, with lots of resin and lots of bud bits.

The optimal tobacco substitute.

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